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Hi, I'm Fenja

Since what feels like forever I have been helping people learn my very-misunderstood native language. The poor German language has a bad reputation due to its case system, allegedly endless pages of grammar exceptions and words like “Pronomendeklination”.

Many people have tried and given up. And in 99% of the cases, it’s not their fault.

Some were presented with it in a dry schoolroom with much dreaded German teachers furiously vociferating words that appeared to come from a foreign planet –both the teacher and the words. Who can blame them if that didn’t work out?

Other poor souls have tried to approach this mission on their own. And after some sleepless nights and making Duo cry, they, too, couldn’t take the burden anymore.

But ultimately learning German is just like any other language. That is if you approach it right.

And that's why I created this page. Not only to teach but to educate about how to learn German the right way. Easy, fast and without tears.

I hope it serves you well in your quest to learn German.

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